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Design your Doll

Follow the Steps below to start you’re creation: Smile with closed lips wig: 19" doll uses 10 -11" size 10" doll uses 6 - 7" size Step 2: Skin Tone Chose one of the following: Caucasian light brown medium brown dark brown olive tone Step 3: Eye Colors Chose one of the following: Blue Brown Green Gray Hazel Step 4: Chose a Wig: Click on the link and chose the wig that is right for you: www.monique.com/wig08.html Once you have found the wig of your choice make sure to copy the name of the wig with the number, the color (see the choices for that particular wig) and the size (wig sizes are listed below each head above). Please make sure the wig you want comes in the size needed for your head. Additional Info

Price: $250.00

Design Your Own Porcelain Doll

Have you ever thought of what a doll would look like if you designed it and dressed her? We have created a special place where you can decide just how you want your doll to look. You get to design your own doll by choosing a head with just the right expression, eye color and skin tone. Once you’ve decided, look below and chose a wig for your doll, blond, brown, red, black, straight, curly, or pigtails. Now go to the dress shop and chose an outfit or two, maybe some accessories too.

All dolls come with full porcelain bodies and underwear.  The base price for the dolls is $275 for all porcelain 19” dolls,  and $225 for 10” dolls, some wigs may increase the price of the doll. Outfits are priced separately.

portrait_head5.jpg portrait_head_1.jpg Portrait_Head_8.jpg Portrait_Head_9.jpg
Head # 1
Head #2
Head #3
Head #4
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