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Portrait Doll Deposit

Price: $75.00
Average cost of portrait dolls vary according to size and complexity of the subject; prices range from $125 to $800.
The following examples are the costs estimated for different size dolls:
20" Infant (opened eyes) $250
22-24” Toddler $275
14" young child (porcelain body) $275
18” young child (porcelain body) $275
16” young female (porcelain body) $300
16" bride (porcelain body) starting at $500

Pricing for the clothing could increase the dolls cost significantly if the clothing requires specialty fabrics and/or embelishiments.

Dolls have porcelain head, hands, legs and some have porcelain shoulder plate unless you ask for a full porcelain body. Most bodies are cloth with “loctite” plastic skeletal armature for full poseability.
Once you submit a photo, I will provide an exact price for your desired portrait doll.

A $75 non-refundable deposit is required before work is started on your doll.
Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for your doll to be created.
If you are requesting this doll for Christmas, please note these dates : Last date for guaranteed Christmas delivery is October 31.
If we have a small number of orders that date may be pushed back to November 10.
NOTE: For infant dolls, you may request that they not be clothed, so you can put a child’s special outfit on the doll.
Infant dolls take 3 to 6 month baby clothes. 19” Sleeping infants take premie outfits.

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