Here you'll find a little about me. I have raised our children and now enjoy our grandchildren, but our love of dolls still continues to grow. So if you wonder why I continue this fascination with dolls remember:

Grandmothers are only antique little girls

Germaine Roux -- This doll shop is a realization of a dream from long ago. I've always been fascinated and have had a love of dolls. I guess dolls bring back many good childhood memories. Learning to make dolls was always a dream, but raising 5 children came first. In the 80's I started to make cloth dolls, many like the Cabbage Patch Kid dolls that were the fad at the time. But doll making was limited to after bedtime, since raising two sons and three daughters occupied my days. I had looked into porcelain doll making when the two youngest ones were still small but that required money that was needed elsewhere. Then came the grandchildren, 3 boys who aren't sure what to think about a dollmaking gramma.
Then around 2001, my sister-in-law Dianne mentioned it and we started classes in September of that year. We were hooked. It's amazing how much joy comes from pouring the porcelain slip then taking greenware to the final porcelain stages when the doll comes alive.
I've been making dolls ever since. It's a little easier now, I have a kiln in the basement so I get to work on dolls whenever I feel like it. A bedroom has opened up to become a great sewing room with everything I need to dress and create costumes.
I'm also very fortunate to have a husband who supports my endeavors, since taking seminars often consumes extended weekends and sometimes traveling out of state. He also takes it in stride when I shop and go off looking for items for the dolls. He even has his favorites which will not be sold.
So this website is phase 2 of a dream, phase one was the classes and seminars. hope you enjoy the site and find something to please you. Enjoy.