Your Portrait or Look A Like doll will be created in porcelain in the likeness of the individual pictured in the submitted photograph. A portrait doll is much like a painting that represents the artist’s interpretation of the subject. The dolls are not an exact duplicate of the individual nor are they a hand sculptured statue of the subject.

Portrait dolls are created utilizing existing porcelain doll molds. This allows limited flexibility in capturing every detail that might or might not be apparent in the reference photo. One example may be a smile or expression appearing in the reference photo that might not be possible to duplicate in the doll. The doll artisan will always do her best to capture the facial features such as dimples and freckles and general face shape.

Another example might be the color or texture of hair. While we will come as close as possible, there are only so many shades of each color and styles available in doll wigs. While discussing hair, I should also point out that doll wigs, due to their construction, tend to be quite “full” and cannot accurately represent a “thin head of hair”. When possible, we can use human hair wigs which are more customizable. Human hair wigs are more expensive and the customer will incur the extra charge for this option.

Finally, teeth, and some open mouth poses can represent construction and finishing problems, and may require some latitude from the photograph. I will do my best, but must work within the limits I have outlined here.